BronzeWork Marine


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About Bronzework Marine

Welcome to Bronzework Marine. It may be a new name, but it isn't a new organisation. It comprises the workshop part of Classic Marine, whose retail side has been divested and is now based in Levington, Suffolk, and trades under that name.

The remainder here is based on the past 25 years experience of making parts for classic craft all over the world, some of which gaff saddles for example have become standard offerings, others are bespoke, and depend on the skills and services we can offer. In making these pieces we use tools which range in age from a 19th century wheelwright's cone to a 21st century 3d printer. So we do old things in a modern way and new things in a traditional way.

The aim is to concentrate on developing our facilities and skills, so enhancing the range of offerings over the forthcoming years. We look forward to being of service to you, and welcome your comments.

Moray MacPhail

January 2016