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Examples of Bronze Casting

Custom Work for Yachts and Boats - Bronze Casting

This cranse iron is 5" id and about 8" long, cast in aluminium bronze for strength. Now don't you wish you had a boat large enough for that?
We do little ones, too - this for the Norfolk Gypsy 19 footer. The Cranse iron is 2" diameter and 4" long
A nice chunky Aluminium bronze stemhead for a 30 footer
and a slim version for the Golant Gaffer
Standard goosenecks - you must be joking.

This one is for the Heir Island sloop, based on the one we do for the Seabird. The Waveney One designs use the same ring, but prefer a spike up the middle of the boom, and meanwhile........

...the Golant gaffer uses this type of thing on the mast....
..... and this set of rudder gear
We hold the pattern for the Seabird mast step. 100 have been built over the last 100 years, so you are looking at one years worth of stock here.
It is hard to exaggerate how much load a bobstay takes - hence this chunky al. bronze casting for the stemhead of a 35 ft cutter
Staying with chunky al. bronze, a spinnaker pole end - in fact rather too chunky for the owner's taste, but that's another story!
Another item not available off-the-shelf, a reefing claw 6" inside diameter