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Bronze Fabrication

Custom Work for Yachts and Boats - Bronze Fabrication

Now this one has all the bells and whistles. Starting with a 5" diameter Appledore reefing gear, we added a couple of 8" mastbands, which had to be fabricated because the mast was oval and slightly conical (!), plus some belay pins, a spinnaker pole stowage - using one of the standard spar end fittings. Oh yes and the customer wanted a couple of reefing handles in bronze

So here you have custom castings, married to standard castings and fabrication.

At the other end of the scale, one customer had his "show-off fast alongside" wrecked when the gooseneck broke on his RNSA 14' dinghy and he went full tilt into the pontoon. Using his old pin, a revised and strengthened gooseneck was fabricated. Now he can show off with impunity!
Not quite sure of the background to this one, but the net result was that the mast, much of the rigging and the spreader fitting (shown here, above) of a BB11 were broken after a collision.

The new version is shown in the lower picture, apart from anything else, stronger than the original, and not much heavier. We also did the replacement rigging.

Another two "before and after" jobs - with no prizes for guessing which!
Three more bits of Golant gaffery, the mastband, stemhead roller and tabernacle respectively
A couple of pieces done for the Norfolk Boatyard, the Gypsy stemhead, and the anchor stowage for the Smuggler
Finally a couple of horses, and a pinrail for you