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Custom Work for Yachts and Boats - Galvanised Fabrication

Norwegians think big - that little white thing in the foreground is a 1ft ruler!
Rudder gear for a Lyle Hess catboat for a Dutch customer to show some of our galvanised work
Two examples of galvanised pieces for the Golant Gaffer, a lovely design by Roger Dongray - of Cornish Crabber fame. We do a complete set of fittings for this boat, and to date have done 5 in bronze and 3 in galvanised, including retrofit items for Roger's own boat!

See the complete list of specials we do for the Golant Gaffer

A couple of gaff saddles - both of conventional type - for a 4" and a 6" mast. The larger has a forward strap instead of the more usual parrel beads, which some prefer, and some hate. As with all our stuff, you can specify what you like.
A bowsprit crutch and roller for a smack yacht
An upper mastband incorporating a crane for a spinnaker - whatever will they think of next?
The only spider band we have ever made which actually has 8 legs.
Not a very good picture of a fitting which replaced three assorted bits of metal at the front of a gaff cutter. Note the off-centre forestay tang - it is much stiffer that way