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Articles Index

Reference Data & useful things

Articles on general topics & other musings


Small can be beautiful - A few thoughts on the perils of boat ownership are offered.

What makes a Classic? - your hero goes where angels fear to tread

Units, Screw and Wire Gauges, Threads on bolts etc

Metals in a Marine Environment

What Dyneema can do for you - modern stuff on classic boats?


Articles - Gear for gaffer series

Gear for Gaffers - Part 1 - Bowsprit arrangements - the general whys and wherefores.

Bitts and Bobs(tays) - Looking at the loads on bowsprits, and the sizing of components.

Traveller's Tales - This one looks at staying, anchor and traveller arrangements.

Staying Put - staying, buckling and modes of failure in masts.

Rigging Loads - a study in guesswork.

Standing Rigging - trying to get to a consistent set of equipment.

Mastbands - attaching standing rigging to the spars.

Backstays & Rigging Screws - and chainplates and things.

Mast furniture - the practical details of mast fittings.

Gaffs and their Saddles - saddle types and gaff arrangements.

Booms - an attempt to sort out loadings on booms.

Bits for booms - details of some of the boom fittings and arrangements.

Shortening Sail - all about reefing arrangements.

Adjusting the Tackle - all about blocks and tackles - or is it "tayckles".

I don't mind if you make use of this stuff, but an acknowledgement would be nice.


and finally....................MetaBowlocks - just what you need to sound important, or clever, or maybe both?