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Help & FAQ's

This is to help explain the process of shopping on this site

Can I buy direct from Bronzework Marine?

We deal only with customers in the marine trade (e.g. boatbuilders, chandleries, charter firms etc), offering the pieces which we make ourselves, whether listed on this site, or made on a one-off basis. Guidance on retail outlets can be found here

Trade customers wishing an account may apply here

What if I am in the marine trade and want a mixture of custom equipment and standard equipment?

At Bronzework Marine, we are now just making fittings - both the standard ranges listed here, and one-off pieces to order. Parts like rope, blocks, fasteners etc are now handled by Classic Marine

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Nothing goes in the basket! (Especially in recent versions of Internet Explorer)

It may be because you keep being pointed back to a previous version of the page, so your actions in adding stuff to the basket aren't visible.

Possible solutions:

1. Delete history by clicking on the "delete" button beside "settings" and then "deleting all" in the "Delete Browsing History".

2. Forcing page refreshing by going to "Tools" in the menu at the top
then "Internet Options" in that list
then the tab marked "General" on the grey box
then in the bit for "Temporary Internet Files" press the button for "Settings"
and in the list under "Check for newer versions of stored pages" select the option which says "Every visit to the page"
then press "OK" to close one box, then "OK" to close the next box, and it should work.

3. Using Firefox as a browser?

In all cases you will need to enable cookies (using options or tools or settings or some similar tab), whichever browser you use, but Firefox gives the option of deleting the cookies at the end of a session

Or we can work the old-fashioned way! Just call +44 1394 388380


We are as concerned about the security of your details, especially card details, as you are. So what do we do about it?
Firstly our privacy policy is simply stated here. We do not abuse your trust under any circumstances. The site does use "cookies" to operate, but only that. You won't get a "hello again, Mrs. Gubbins, can we interest you in our new range of widgets this month". We believe that to be intrusive and unnecessary.
Second, as is usual with e-commerce sites, we use secure areas on the server for transacting the order. As you move through the order process you may be advised as you enter and leave the secure areas.
Third, we do not store the orders or credit card details on the server database, but send them immediately via encrypted email back to the shop. Once the order is complete, your card details are deleted. Your address is stored on the web to enable you to use your customer number to avoid having to fill it all in again.
Fourth, we provide the opportunity for you to send your list of requirements as an enquiry, whereby you send the list of items to us with an email address, and communicate your other details by another method.
Fifth, you are always welcome to contact us to place an order - this is an organisation with real people in it!

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This site uses cookies.

Why? Simply to enable you to flip between the shop side of things, where all the products are, and the non-shop side of things like the reference data and articles, without losing what is in your basket, and having to start over again.

What do we do with the information? Nothing without your express approval - see privacy below

How long do the cookies last? Only as long as you spend browsing the site. Even if you leave the browser running, they will expire in a couple of hours.

What if I disable cookies? The shop side won't work to buy (should be OK to browse), but since we still have a real shop with real people we can always deal the old-fashioned way, so just get in touch!

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It is very simple.

If you want a catalogue, you get a catalogue

If you want to be on the mailing list, the newsletter is sent to you

If you buy something we will send it to the address specified - and not keep your card details on the web server!

So we do with your details what you ask us to do...

..and no more

no selling of lists, or stupid ads, or mailshots, or offers of the latest guides to squashed animals on the motorway, or guaranteed sure-fire ways to make your fortune without capital, skills or effort....................

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What lead time can I expect?

Almost everything is made in our workshops. Lead times vary through the year. From February to July, a typical lead time is 6 weeks. In other months 2 to 4 weeks is more likely. That is not to say we cannot respond more quickly in an emergency - we usually keep a bit of time up our sleeves.

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What does "Make Enquiry " mean?

If you don't want to place an order, perhaps because you need more information on items, availability or shipping, or perhaps you prefer not to give card details on the web, then you can press the "Make Enquiry" link to send us an email

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What does "Save/Recover Basket" mean?

You can do a number of things with this. Saving a basket enables you to come back later to recover an order, or - lucky you! - asking someone else to come to the site to recover that basket and buy it on your behalf. It can also be a means of making repeat orders. But you don't have to save the basket in the same way as you might save a document you are working on. It will exist as long as you are logged onto the site.

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How do I delete the contents from the basket?

Go to the basket view, and hit the "Delete basket" button

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How do I change the quantities of a particular item?

Go to the basket view, type in a new quantity, and press "Recalculate"

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How do I delete a particular item?

Go to the basket view, look in the row for that item, and press "Remove"

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What quantities can I put in?

Items where no pricing unit is shown are sold "each", so integer values only, please
Other items, where the unit is specified, you can buy in non-integer values greater than 0.01
For example - keelband, sold by the foot, you can have 2.5 feet or whatever - but don't put in 2'3"!
Copper boat nails, sold by the kilo, you can order 0.86 kilo, etc
...and you can have 0.5 of a pair of handed fairleads - but please let us know which one.

What does "My Account" mean?

This is where you can look up the status of existing orders, or recover previously saved baskets.

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The main idea is to serve you well, so wherever possible we will take stuff back if it is something we offer as a standard item. Items ordered or made specially are not normally returnable.

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Shipping Methods and Charges

When you make an order or enquiry, shipping will be added depending on the weight of the order, and the country to be shipped to. Our normal methods of shipping are next day carrier in the UK, and by air freight elsewhere. If you wish to explore alternative methods, either quicker/more expensive, or slower and cheaper, please advise us with the order or enquiry.

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Sales Tax / VAT

For everyone in the UK, (and private individuals in the EU,) VAT is levied at the current UK rate of 20.0%. For all others, tax does not apply at the point of sale, but may be charged on import. Usually the carrier will organise customs clearance for you, and you will pay them any duties or tax due.

The shopping cart system recognises which countries attract tax at the point of sale.

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If you have any further queries, please get in touch