BronzeWork Marine


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Things we can do

What sort of things can we do?


We can cope with short production runs - minimum one! In order to do so, we have gathered about us a range of skills in working metal and can provide the following services, most of which we do in-house:

  • Patternmaking - we usually work from sketches, but can copy an existing fitting if required. You are welcome to provide your own patterns, but please do discuss the job with us first.

  • Casting - up to about 25kg and 2ft x 2ft x 1ft (60cm x 60cm x 30cm) overall dimensions is easily do-able. We will need to discuss the most suitable material to use, and whether you wish the castings to be supplied “as cast” or polished.

  • Fabrication and welding - we work in bronze, brass (for interior fittings), and, of course, steel both mild and stainless.

  • Machining - it is only fair to point out that our capability here tends toward “shipwrighting” rather than engineering. For example, our lathe is just about to celebrate its 60th birthday! So we are at the +/- 10 thou limit rather than +/- 1 thou, but that suffices for most fittings.

  • Keelbolts - we can thread up to 1”/24 mm using our capstan lathe which is only 88 years old.