BronzeWork Marine


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Main Headers

Goosenecks Goosenecks Or should that be geeseneck? In any event we can make these for you in bronze, stainless or galvanised steel.
Hull & Deck Hull & Deck From boathooks to winches via hatch fittings.
Gaff Saddles Gaff Saddles We offer a number of different types of saddle, so before you start it may help to review this note on saddles.
Rudder Gear Rudder Gear the "normal" arrangement is that the upper rudder strap is a pintle, the lower strap a gudgeon, the upper transom fitting therefore a gudgeon, and the lower transom fitting a pintle.
Mast & Spar Fittings Mast & Spar Fittings Goosenecks, gaff saddles etc... To have an item made to your specification see 'Custom Work & Specials' Below.
Custom Work & Materials Custom Work & Materials We can fabricate most items to your specification in Bronze, Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel or Brass. And we can also supply pieces of the materials we use.