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Mast & Spar Fittings

Mast & Spar Fittings

Goosenecks, gaff saddles etc... To have an item made to your specification see 'Custom Work & Specials' Below.

Mastbands & Cranse Irons Off the shelf mastbands. The bronze ones are OK up to about 1 ton (4mm 1x19 stainless wire)and the galvanised about 1.5 tons. Warning - any craft over about 20 ft, these are unlikely to be strong enough as cranse irons.
Backstay Equipment Backstay Equipment Here we list forestay and runner levers and the associated blocks. To see how these might be combined in a backstay, this note may help.
Hull Plates Or chainplates, shroud plates, bowsprit plates; call them what you will. As well as the standard items listed here, we can make these to customer's specifications in steel or bronze.
Mast Hoops Traditional ash or galvanised steel. The dimension quoted is the inner diameter, so you need 1 or 2 inches clearance.
Thimbles Thimbles Apart from the bronze rigging thimbles, these are at the less exciting end of things too.
Travellers Travellers Let's not get confused here(!). Traveller in UK English is a ring-like thing which goes along the bowsprit or mast. Traveler in US English is a horse in UK English! What we are talking about here are things which move along a mast or bowsprit.