BronzeWork Marine


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Or should that be geeseneck? In any event we can make these for you in bronze, stainless or galvanised steel.

Stainless Goosenecks These tend to be the right thing for modern classic and Bermudan rigged craft. As with most of our offerings they can be customised to suit, so the standard pieces listed here are a guide.
Galvanised Goosenecks These tend to be preferred for larger working boat inspired craft. There are plenty of variations possible since we make them in house, for example this one with a cone fitting for a spinnaker pole.
Bronnze Goosenecks Bronnze Goosenecks Suitable for all sizes of craft from dinghies to the kind of yachts most people envy! The assembly comprises a mast band assembly, a spar end and an (optional) tack and hook fitting. Shown in the picture here is one complete with belay pins.